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welcome to Cancun folks Villas Marlin - condo-hotel located at kilometer marker 12.5 of the Hotel Zone directly on the beach in Cancun.
To the left is one of the pool areas for your enjoyment.
Villas Marlin is located directly in back of Kukulkan Plaza (the main shopping, entertainment, and restaurant center in the Hotel Zone).
This is the center of the hotel zone.
At this plaza right in front of the hotel, you can find:
to the beach at Villas Marlin in Cancun
Several air conditioned cinemas playing American films Bowling
All the fast food places you know back home Fine dining
Fine arts and crafts Laser games
Fine shopping for gifts and clothing Designer names at reduced rates

Villas Marlin is a 15-minute drive North to downtown and a 15-minute drive South to the airport - exactly in the middle of the main strip. The units are from 1 to 4 bedroom suites and are all 2 levels. All units have equipped kitchenettes. There is a rental office to attend to any needs on site ground-level front of complex. For your gift shopping just cross the street at Plaza Kukulcan with an awesome array of fine shopping for all tastes. The rental office has internet access, and money exchange. There is a poolside grill, and Pool Bar with swim-up barstools in the pool. There is one main pool and two smaller side pools in separate locations on the property

value at Villas Marlin in CancunHere's a view of part of the bedroom in Villas Marlin. Just look at that ocean which you will see upon arising in the morning. And the moon over the water at night. A dream, no? For rate information and availability click here


located on Cancun's nicest beach in the heart of the hotel zoneThis is Villas Marlin's beach. The sand is like sugar!
Walk for miles along the water in any direction.
The water is transparent and turquoise caressing the white sand which never gets hot so walk barefoot for hours in any direction.

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Villas Marlin has lovely rooms and full kitchens in Cancun's hotel zoneThis is your living room. Have your coffee here in the morning, or read a late night book here during the wee hours.
How about some magic? Knew you'd say YES well right across the street is a magic fountain where the waters form a beam of water in the trajectory of an arc.
Just click here  to have a look. Then come right back with the link provided. See you back here soon!

Villas Marlin childrens pool (there are warm spots and cold
The front of Villas Marlin has private parking for your rented car; excellent security; small convenience stores; other services.

I want to see the kitchen and more things inside the unit! So click here to let me in!

Above pool for the children shown. Welcome to Villas Marlin for your family vacation. In the heart of the hotel zone.
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Two bedroom long range Villas Marlin rental
Shockwave animation   at La Isla a mall across the street
Villas Marlin scenes
Pool areas swim-up bar and inside units
Premium first row units
the beach at Villas Marlin Cancun
Villas Marlin how is it now? cerca February 2007
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