Lovely Puerto Vallarta  storybook town  that will charm you
Imagine walking on this beach at daybreak. Mismaloya is just south of the town of Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay. Click on the right arrow pointing left for a Mismaloya animation. Going north from the town is the airport. Banderas Bay is the largest natural bay in all of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is called the Taxco by the sea due to it's colonial charm; cobblestone streets. Click on the left arrow pointing right to see more about Puerto Vallarta. There is even an 18 hole golf course designed by Joe Finger. He didn't lift a finger. Just said Hey Jorge get out your little shovel and make a hole here.
Banderas Bay offers over 100 miles of coastline ringed by mountains. There are stretches of beaches both to the north and south of town.

Locals claim Bandaras Bay is the largest in Mexico but this isn't so.
Mexico claims to end impunity but this isn't so.
Some on-line agencies claim to have better prices than us but this isn't so.
Banderas bay stretches from the Méxican states of Jalisco to Nayarit the latter which rhymes with where is it.

Vallarta's Sea Horse on the maleconIF you ask someone local directions how to get to this Puerto Vallarta landmark, remember it's the sea horse on the malecon don't say 'I'm looking for the maricon'. Vallarta was relatively isolated until 1969. Then the first paved highway gave it access to the rest of Mexico. The Sea Horse is a downtown landmark. The six-lane boulevard Avenida de las Palmas connects the airport with downtown. On this stretch of beach is the hotel zone.
Abundant shops adorn this malecon area. When I took the photo to the right there was only the sea horse and its rider. Now many sculptures are on the malecon.

Cathedral in downtown Puerto Vallarta
The charm of Puerto Vallarta is that it is far removed from the 21st Century in so many ways.
Isla del Rio Cuale is a five acre island which divides the city. The eastern end of the island has a great vista of the canyons and mountains in the background. Puerto Vallarta is a photographer's dream.
The island is full of small shops selling arts and crafts. On the ocean side of the island is a small museum with a collection of archeological artifacts from pre-Hispanic tombs in Jalisco.

Nightlife centers around the hotels; most have good lobby bars. Guests and locals linger all evening chatting with other friendly people.
In town you can dance and party until dawn in classy night clubs or laser-lit discos.
So wether you do Hard Rock Cafe or La Pachanga or Zoo or Friday Lopez or Carlos O'Brien's party; party; party.
some smaller bars:
Steve's Bar (no not owned by us). A small sports bar. Air conditioned. Central location Calle Basilio Badillo.
Nice spot to watch the game.

Benitto's on Paseo de la Marina 121
Nice bar and restaurant. Great food and menu only they don't always have all the menu items available for you.
Whoever comes to Benitto's enters a place where the food, wine, music and conversation between friends is one of those experiences that give flavor to every moment. The extensive menu, with European goodies, delights the palate if they have it available, while its relaxed atmosphere and unique personality, leading to discover the true meaning of the word flavor.
Delicious Panini, (from the Italian word panino, no body parts, which refers to a sandwich made with something other than sliced white bread1), good wine, salads, soups, breakfast, coffee, desserts, music, martinis, sauces!
1 Stuffed with ingredients like bell peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese, turkey or chicken, they are easily adaptable to any culinary taste.

countryside surrounding Puerto VallartaTook this photo in a rented car just out of town. In this beautiful countryside you can horseback ride along the shore or on the country trails.
Going south from the town and hotel zone is Los Arcos and Mismaloya; then bohemian Yelapa. Yelapa a Polyenisan-style village is a picturesque cove surrounded by mountains. A ride up the mountain brings you to a 150 foot waterfall. At night there are moon-lit bonfires attended by most of the locals. You're welcome of course!

The waters of Puerto Vallarta are ranked with the best in the world for both deep-sea and game fishing. November through May is sailfish season.
The rest of the year great for hanging out at the pool bar or doing some shopping downtown.

cobblestone Puerto Vallarta streetsThe narrow streets of Puerto Vallarta are enchanting but trying to find a parking place downtown on weekends and vacation time is problamatic. So best use that rented car to explore Banderas Bay or north to Nuevo Vallarta.
Las Iguanas Festival Center in Marina Vallarta is Vallarta's two-story shopping center with waterfalls; cascading pools; open courtyard. Bazar las Margaritas at Juarez 512 houses an art gallery and fine stores. Villa Vallarta in front of Plaza las Glorias has many shops connected by walkways. A more typical market is the Central Market located downtown between the two bridges. Pueblo Viejo is a Mexican village setting downtown next to the river. Want Macy's in Puerto Vallarto? Then try Lans located on Juarez 867.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the friendliest beach resorts in Mexico. The center is the Malecon sometimes called the boardwarlk although there aren't any boards.
Wether you desire a B&B (bed and breakfast in Puerto Vallarta) or something upscale and all inclusive in Puerto Vallarta we try to make it both easy to select with the links below and affordable with wholesale prices.

Puerto Vallarta skyline ringed with mountains
  Five Star all inclusive Krystal Vallarta
  Mar Sereno   in the beautiful Mismaloya area of Puerto Vallarta on the beach
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  all inclusive hotels   in Mexico
  Holiday Inn Puerto Vallarta
  on Tenacatita Bay Los Angeles Locos
  Hacienda la Puerta de Enmedio in Mascota Jalisco
  hotel Krystal in Ixtapa all inclusive or lodgings only
  Tesoro Manzanillo in Manzanillo on La Audienca bay either all-inclusive or European plan
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  See the center of Mexico in 3D   if you have red-blue glasses

Unique to Mexico, and perhaps the world, is the Bay of Banderas in Puerto Vallarta, where resorts and hotels (all-inclusive and European Plan) light up the sky at night.
Immediately upon arrival, you will be amazed at the array of choices from golf, whale watching, and ecotourism so tee off or enjoy mother nature in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is the choice of many for their vacation, or for a romantic honeymoon. Adventure is at your doorstep, in town or to the north or south. Sayulita may not have waves equal to Hawaii, but it doesn't have its' prices either, and it nevertheless attracts surf aficionados from all points of the compas.

Puerto Vallarta is named after Ignacio Vallarta1, a former governor of Jalisco; bet you didn't know that; but you do know you've come to the right place for deals in Puerto Vallarta.
In Spanish, Puerto Vallarta is often shortened to Vallarta, while English speakers call the city P.V. In internet shorthand the city is often referred to as PVR, after the International Air Transport Association airport code for its Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport. A past Mexican President who's government was responsible for the assasination of students in Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Mexico City. Ordaz never had a judicial process against him for this blatant crime.
It's called impunity. But he did expand the subway system in Mexico City.

He also had a well known affair with Irma Serrano, la Tigresa, who was often impersionated by Francis.

Popular night spot frequented by locals and tourists is Andale the good thing is you won't find Odaz there. He's dead. At Andale sing, dance, ride the donkey. It's a donkey not Odaz.

1 After refusing the post of Secretary of the Interior (Nacho said me no secretary guey), Ignacio Vallarta was appointed governor of Jalisco (not elected but appointed; this is Mexico baby), but could not take the position as General Jose Maria Arteaga refused to give possession as he was a cabroncito.
In 1871 he was elected governor of the state of Jalisco, during his government founded the School of Agriculture.
Vallarta made primary education compulsory. But teachers didn't show up to teach as many were busy blocking highways and asking to put an end to evaluations which asked them difficult questions like what's the third letter of the alphabet?.
Many felt that his administration as governor was successful, despite the problem emerged with the Revolution of La Noria, which led to riots in the state and stopped the normal development of governmental activities. Nacho said let them eat cake.

Nacho was also noted as a speaker and drafted various writings on economics and politics that no one read as the people of Mexico prefered to watch sporting events rather than read economic books with no pictures in them. His thesis on constitutional law issued during the year as a judge of the Supreme Court of Mexico is noteworthy. However, it exudes in the work of the Constitutional Convention of 1856-1857, which produced the 1857 Constitution, or are in other publications, among which ranks landmark The amparo and writ of habeas corpus: a critical essay-comparative on constitutional remedies; themes of little interest to the average Mexican then or now. The present president of Mexico doesn't know what books Carlos Fuentes wrote.

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