MexicoSteve Mexico Quiz

1) What meterological event never happens in Mexico?
a) snow
b) rain
c) typhon
d) fog

2) Which of the following people was famous in the golden age of Mexican cinema?
a) Maria Felix
b) Felix the Cat
c) Gertrude Berg
d) Charlie Chaplan

3) Which activity is not presently important to the Mexican economy?
a) tourism
b) petroleum
c) design of computer chips
d) silver exports

4) Which was not a Mexican native people?
a) Aztecs
b) Toltecs
c) Pumas
d) Nahuatl
5) June 30 1520 became known as noche triste for the Spaniards. Why?
a) Lopez Obrador blocked Avenida Reforma with his band of chavos
b) they were chased by Aztec warriors and half of the Spaniards killed
c) the Mayans tore down a famous pyramid to make way for a Cosco
d) Frida Kahlo wouldn't give any to Diego Riviera for one of his indescretions
6) Shortly after Mexico won its independence from Spain Iturbide became (as part of the Plan of Iguala)?
a) Emperor
b) King
c) un chavo
d) Duke

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