Economical Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato Mexico right in the center of the city with telephones and TVEconomical Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato Mexico right in the center of the city with telephones and TV

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Hotel San Diego is a truly Mexican style Hotel with a peacful atmosphere. Located in the heart of Guanajuato.
Hotel San Diego Guanajuato
right in the center of town. Between Plaza de la Paz; Templo San Diego; Basilica Guanajuato.

Walk to the funicular to ascend to the monument El Pipula for an unforgetable view of the city.

Within blocks of the hotel all the sites of Guanajuato you want to see.

All the bars; restaurants; shops; internet cafes at your doorstep.

A few blocks to the Diego Riviera Museum which you must visit.

A few short blocks to the Quijote Museum dedicated to the madman-idealist Don Quixote.
Shakespere wrote a play about this 'Much Ado About Nothing'

Economical Hotel San Diego in Guanajuato Mexico right in the center of the city with telephones and TV
The hotel has a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe and San Judas Tadeo.

This 43 room hotel has elevators and economical public parking a short distance away.

All rooms have telephones and TV's.

Hotel San Diego has a restaurant and bar with live music.

A banquet hall can host your event.

Everything you want to see in this town is at your doorstep. The cable car going up to the Pipular. The The Alhondiga de Granaditas from the 18th century now a fine museum.
The Hidalgo Market Originally intended as a train station, now it houses the main market of the city. Inaugurated by Porfirio Diaz himself in 1910 as part of the celebrations of the centenary of Independence, the building has two floors. In the first you will find all basic foodstuffs, and the second all kinds of crafts and typical products you take the little memory of the city.

facade of the Hotel San Diego in downtown Guanajuato

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The tunnels or underground streets near the Hotel San Diego are a series of wide channels that extended under the city and help divert traffic away from the city centre. These tunnels were not primary constructed for traffic, but as a diversion for the River to prevent flooding in the early mining town. The tunnels are a unique sight of Guanajuato, with decorative entrances and charming open stretches, but it is unpleasant to walk through the longer sections due to traffic fumes.
The tunnels of Guanajuato are like a rabbit warren, with different layer cross roads and underground junctions. Few other cities can boast such an elaborate method to both hide and limit traffic. The tunnels generally take traffic that is heading in an eastwards direction, while the westward direction passes through the city centre.
Right under your Guanajuato lodgings.

Hotel San Diego Guanajuato for your Guanajuato lodgings

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