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When in Akuaml you must try to snorkel in these transparent waters filled with colorful tropical fish and beasties.
We suggest that you consider to buy your own equipment and swim out alone with a friend or buddy.
The coral reefs are not far from the shore and can be easily accessed by swimming, the bay is not more than five feet deep.
Be very careful to stay away from the fire reef marked with buoys and a distinctive red colored coral. These corals can stings and excessive contact may be fatal.
You can hire a dive shop to take you out and pay $40 per person (ouch!) or go with a local that approaches you on the beach offering to take you out on his boat.

image from Villas de Rosa in Akumal south

Image from Villas de Rosa in Akumal south

Cenote or cave diving is neat and the good people at Villas de Rosa can set you up.

Underwater caves have a wide range of physical features, and can contain life forms not found elsewhere.
Cave diving is underwater diving done in caves which are filled with water.
The equipment used varies depending on the circumstances, and ranges from breath hold to surface supplied, but almost all cave diving is done using scuba equipment, often in special configurations.
Cave diving is generally considered to be a type of technical diving due to the lack of a free surface during large parts of the dive, and often involves decompression.
Cave diving here is awesome. Flora, coral, and sea creatures in transparent waters.

image from Xpu Ha Palace Akumal
Image from Xpu Ha Palace Akumal

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Villas de Rosa Akumal south lodgings in Akumal beach condos
Los Vientos three bedroom luxury condos for you and the boat
two bedroom condo on Half-Moon Bay
Xpu Ha Palace Akumal ecological all-inclusive
Aventure Palace adults-only
Kore Tulum Wellness Resort adult only all-inclusive in Tulum
Be Hotel Tulum luxury units and spa

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Akumal is the place for snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear transparent waters of the Carribbean. So get your lodgings in Akumal now.
Here you will find dive shops for your certification. Reefs with schools of tropical fish. Enjoy!

Back in 1958 long before the first cinder block was laid in Cancun, Akumal began as a tourist destination. Back when you could get a hot-dog for a nickle in Times Square and the Giants played in the Polo Grounds and the Dodgers in Ebitts Field, Akumal began as a tourist destination.
With the demise of Cuba as an American tropical play-ground Akumal began receiving tourists. With greater demand for lodgings in Akumal

Nearby is Xel-Ha. Today Mexico 307 from Cancun to Akumal and on to Tulum is a safe quality highway.

Side trips to consider are visits to Coba a Mayan city from the VII century. The pyramid there Nohoch Mul is higher than that of Chichen Itza.

Another side-trip could be Tulum another archeological zone from the postclasical period.
There are 60 buildings to see in Tulum although some of them are quite boring. But the trinket shops are neat.

Each Mayan city had a specific purpose, with the possible exception of Tecoh, and Tulum was no exception.
It was a seaport, trading mainly in turquoise and jade. And occasional contraband.
As well as being the only Mayan city built on a coast, Tulum was one of the few protected by a thick wall.
Made of limestone, the 784-metre wall encloses the site on three sides, is seven metres thick, and varies between three and five metres in height. No doubt this fortification helped preserve the seaport.
Like the questions which surround the decline of the Mayan world, there are several theories as to why a wall surrounds Tulum. One has a Mayan population of 600 on the inside, protected from invaders. Another suggests only priests and nobility were housed within the walls, while peasants were kept on the outside.
Or maybe some ugly monster was on the outside and no one wanted it to get in. Remember Hilary Clinton wasn't born yet so it was not her.

Sian Ky'an is an ecological reserve of 527,000 hectares. I don't know how much that is in acres but it's big.
There are flamingos; tucans; deer; unfortunately some mosquitos; and abusive prices for the one group that has the monopoly to do so. To tour you in this reserve.