Avalon Excalibur Acapulco all-inclusive chose between all-inclusive or European Plan in Acapulco. Acapulco 's best location in the hotel zone of Acapulco for your all-inclusive vacation. Vacation at Avalon Excalibur Acapulco at best rates in the travel business. Avalon Excalibur Acapulco is a Five Star all-inclusive resort in the heart of Acapulco Bay. Avalon Excalibur Acapulco is part of Avalon Resorts. With your vacation at Avalon Excalibur Acapulco go a short distance to see the famous clavadistas (cliff divers) or modern discos with all the beautiful people dancing til dawn. This Acapulco hotel is the newest addition to the Avalon Resorts line of fine hotels.
Avalon Excalibur Acapulco lodgings only or all inclusive planAvalon Excalibur Paraiso now Krystal Beach Acapulco

In this beach resort where there is always something to do and for no matter how long you stay it just isn't enough time consider Avalon Excalibur Paraiso now Krystal Beach Acapulco your home in Acapulco.

Located on the famous well-located Playa Hornos or Hornitos you are near all the commercial centers; shopping; restaurants; night life of which Acapulco is famous.
The hotel has 416 rooms of which 227 have a beautiful bay view; 187 with a great mountain view; don't worry about the other two; they don't face a brick wall; they are incredible Jr Suites with bay views.
All rooms have air conditioning; telephones; balconies; cable TV.

The hotel has two restaurants; bar; room service; pool; children's pool; Jacuzzi; doctor; tobacco shop; gift shop; covered parking; valet service.

A trip to Acapulco is not complete until you've seen the world famous divers at La Quebrada. These brave boys make their spectacular leaps off the cliffs into the ocean 136 feet below. Divers plunge into a narrow cove which is safe only when the waves fill it with water. They must dive at just the right moment.
Try to dive at exactly the right place. If you do your diver will dissapear under the water. If not he will bounce back. Click the mouse once then use the arrow keys to try.
The place to watch the divers is La Perla nightclub.

Acapulco Bay is one of the world's most beautiful natural harbors. Each beach has its own character. Be sure to try more than one during your stay. Revolcadero is THE beach for surfers due to its punding surf.
The center of town is jammed together around the plaza just two blocks from the ocean. But it's another Acapulco. Here the resort city changes into a tropical port town; noisy and gay. The main plaza is dominated by a cathedral that resembles a mosque. Now if you're shopping for bargains this is the place.

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typical room at Avalon Excalibur Paraiso now Krystal Beach Acapulco lodgings only or all inclusive plan
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All-inclusive rates per person per night include food/drink taxes. EP (European Plan) lodgings rates for room per night plus 19% tax. All rates in USD.
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In Krystal Beach's two restaurants and snack-bar, you will be served authentic Mexican food, fresh seafood and International Cuisine.

You will enjoy a real Mexican atmosphere while Krystal provides you with a warm and the quality service that you deserve.
Bellavista: Early morning with a pleasant atmosphere. Bellavista opens every day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (buffet style) national and international original creations. From the private terrace you get an excellent view of the Acapulco Bay.
Breakfast from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm Lunch 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Dinner from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm offers poolside snacks and a la carte. El Cocotero: located in a privileged place, at beach level with an excellent atmosphere. Offers service a la carte. It is the perfect place to enjoy delicious fresh seafood dishes. Open from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The night life in the area of the Krystal Beach is legendary. This area comes to life at night. No where can equal Acapulco's discos for sophistication or dazzling scenes.
Many have bay views, even fireworks (like the title of that Keneth Anger flick), and laser shows.
For non dancers there's a great lobby bar right in the Krystal Beach in Acapulco. And nearby Pepe's piano bar.

free WiFi for you in the Krystal Beach

Try to take in the France festival in Acapulco. An annual event celebrating to friendship of France and Mexico.
There's a Jules Verne thing and a fiesta de los crepas as well.
The dance component alone is worth the visit.
So much to see near the Krystal Beach.
Not just divers (clavadistas) and discos. Of course that too.
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all-inclusive (AI) per person per night while EP per room per night including taxes. For AI all taxes included in the price.
Standard Mountain room
Single all-inclusive Double all-inclusive EP
$1360 $980 $1230
ocean view upgrade 830 pesos in EP | 440 pesos per person in AI
in AI plan: under 6 free; 7- 12 years $470 pesos
children 0 to 12 free in EP   13 and over billed as adult
In the EP up to 2 children under 12 yrs of age free with parents

Triple occupation rooms
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mountain AI all-inclusive ocean AI all-inclusive EP rooms
$890 $1720 no charge third adult in EP
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Acapulco, nombre náhuatl con el que se bautizó, en el siglo XV, una vez sometida por el emperador mexica Ahuízotl; su significado: “En donde hay Cañas Grandes” (o algo diferente como donde esta el hotel Krystal Beach).
De aquellos tiempos es una leyenda de amor imposible, entre el hijo del jefe militar de los mexicas y una princesa yope, Acatl y Quiáhuitl, Caña y Lluvia o Minnie y Mickey.
Cuentan que el padre de la bella princesa no quiso que su hija casara con uno de sus enemigos.
El Padre Don Ramon era muy c*br*n.
Acatl lloró hasta convertirse en un charco.
Su novio lo dije no sea llorona sea chichona.
En 1927, cuando el presidente Plutarco Elías Calles inaugura el camino de la Ciudad de México a Acapulco, lo que dio inicio a la importante actividad turística del Puerto. En 1929 se iniciaron los vuelos comerciales a Acapulco, en el aeropuerto frente a la Playa de Hornos, donde hoy está el hotel Krystal Beach Acapulco.
Calles como Don Ramon era muy c*b-.
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